Reduce Carbon Footprint 

It shouldn't take a pandemic for us to reduce our carbon emission levels. Food production accounts for about a quarter of total carbon emissions globally. Gmeal provides a practical way allows merchants and donors to redirect surplus consumption.

Community Authentic

Connect at an authentic connection with the community Gmeal provides. We provide creative opportunities for brands to communicate and to display an element of human touch and be a concrete example of their core corporate values and vision.

Branding with Culture of Ethical Practices

Embraces the culture of ethical practices between your organization, your people, your community. Gmeal acts as an integrated solution to bring social engagement and branding awareness. Together we highlight your company’s core values to that of our current society.

for SME

Doing good and contributing to one’s community does not have to happen on a large scale. Gmeal is a solution for smaller resources to match the efforts of the government and international community to address the most pressing environmental and social issues we face today


Deliver Human Social Responsibility  

with Good Business Sense

Get Community Updates

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